How much does onsite repair cost?

We offer flat rate for repair costs and discounted rates on hardware if needed. Onsite repair hardware costs can range dramatically depending on the nature of the repair needed. We do offer a completely free remote diagnosis and consultation that will allow us to identify exactly what your needs are and how we might best serve you, after we have determined the nature of your repairs we will explain potential costs.

Can you repair our home computer or equipment onsite?

Yes we provide mobile computer repair and equipment for residences. If you have mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, routers, printer, peripheral, software, hardware, or networking issues that need to be repaired at your residence we can normally be there within a few hours to start repair.

We start the process off with a comprehensive diagnosis and consultation, so that we know exactly what you need and give you an accurate flat rate quote on your onsite computer repair.

Do you help businesses with onsite repair?

Yes we provide business class onsite computer repair services. Whether you have  point of sale hardware, software, network, printer, router, peripheral, mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop, or server problems we can be there within a few hours to resolve any problems you have.

We provide a 100% free remote diagnosis and consultation to determine what you exactly need and how we may best serve you. Once we have a grasp of what work you need done, your repair specialist will provide a flat rate quote for your onsite visit.