Solid, reliable and competitively priced PCs and Servers, built to order, to your requirements, with the service & support you need to enhance your business.
All our systems are assembled and configured to order.

SMALL SYSTEMS – Lower Power Machines
Our Small Systems take advantage of more efficient, power saving components. Improving efficiency with fewer moving parts and reducing power consumption helps to improve system stability, extend product life, whilst minimising the carbon footprint and saving real money on electricity costs. Smaller PC form factors help maximise desk and office space; and more efficient systems with fewer moving parts generate less noise.

PC’s – Tailored to your needs
Each PC System is built to order and can be tailored to the individual requirements of each client. Our PC systems feature unsurpassed flexibility in specifications, from different case and component options, to software and configuration preferences.

SERVERS – SME to Enterprise Solutions
Servers built are based upon proven, high quality industry standard components, with excellent reliability, performance and upgradeability. Each server system is assembled to order, and can be configured to your requirements prior to installation. From peer-to-peer server environments to high-density, enterprise, multi-node server systems.
-Rack mount
-Small & Quiet Servers